Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Online Marketing with a Newsletter

I've recently been putting together mailing lists with clients to help them further with their online marketing.

Setting up a newsletter or mailing list with your website designer has a large advantage over doing it yourself by sending emails to customers out via Outlook or Gmail etc.

Mailing list applications added to your website design infrastructure are able to enable users of the site to sign up to receive a regular update or newsletter. With this you can promote special offers, news about your business or events. This is great for many of my Yorkshire website design clients in particular, offering insights in to Yorkshire tourism events and attraction news for guests visiting Yorkshire. As another example, I've just helped a local venue set up their What's On in Yorkshire monthly gig listing so they can send it out automatically.

As I've said in my earlier posts, great branding and website SEO is about relevant and quality content rather than spamming potential customers. With a decent mailing list attached to your site you can send thousands of emails and have the advantage of different categories and email types for different types of users depending on the way they have signed up. Being able to tailor your business and online marketing to make it bespoke to the individual offers a large advantage over your competitors. Many of my clients are in the hotel and hospitality industry, so for example having a tick box on the website to allow visitors that are married or staying in York on business, gives you the opportunity to send out different special offers to your targeted audiences.

Speak to your website designer now if you feel you can increase repeat business by interacting with your client base.

Hosting Yorkshire Website Design offers marketing and SEO to help your business, we can help you set up your mailing lists so customers can opt-out or in so you're not bothering them unnecessarily and also giving your powerful control to send thousands of email out to your clients in a few easy steps as regularly as you need to.

Put your online business ahead with an online marketing campaign with Hosting Yorkshire.

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