Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Yorkshire Businesses Online

Our Hosting Yorkshire online service is all about supporting Yorkshire local businesses and helping to promote them online.

We feel this is more important than ever with local businesses fighting large global corporations in our towns, cities and villages as well as on the internet. There are now more Retail Parks and Shopping Malls than ever; Tesco Express or Sainsbury's Local instead of the traditional corner shop; and High Streets which have the same shops whichever town you visit (usually many of which having the name 'Pound' in the title).

Of course we support a Global economy and big British and European businesses - but we would like to keep some cultural individuality in different areas of the world, some variety to keep things interesting. It's vital for our sanity as well as our heritage!

While big companies may be standardising much of the UK, many smaller operations such as restaurants and hotels now only try to use locally-sourced food produce. Boutique clothing shops are using local designers and other businesses are trying to support their neighbouring local businesses. One area that is often forgotten though in attempts to support local business is website hosting and website design. Often large global website hosting company are used such as GoDaddy or 1&1... We too are a local Yorkshire business and are in the same position as the other local Yorkshire businesses we do our best to advertise and promote online.

Choose Hosting Yorkshire for your email boxes, hosting, domains and website development. We are the local provider who understands the area and your business interests and target audiences. We only support Yorkshire businesses and are based in York - right in the very centre of the region. We are very proud of our area which can offer products and services to match any other part of the United Kingdom.

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