Saturday, 29 December 2012

Building your own website

Hosting Yorkshire have just launched our own SiteBuilder service to enable our users to build their own websites. In preparation for this, we had to really think about what most internet users want when creating their own site.

There's a lot of choice already out there, so we wanted to try to combine all the existing options when setting our service up, adding better customer service, not tying our customers in with contracts and giving the best value for money any company can offer.

Introducing, Hosting Yorkshire SiteBuilder...

Ok, I know what you're thinking, "SiteBuilder! That's what all the other services are called. Not a great start on originality..."

But it's not what it's called that's important, what's important is getting more users online and easily building their own websites the way they want them.

As far as we can see there were two camps before our service launched.

The first being companies offering a pre-built look and promising ease of use, served up via online wizards that let you drag something here and drop something there - they can be fiddly, often there's lots of templates that don't look so great, and in the end you have to compromise on what you initially wanted. The end product is a website that is not really your own. It looks ok but not how you planned it and you don't own the files created. You're locked into a monthly contract and you can never move the website you've spent your time building away from their service. If the company shuts down, sells up or just has problems; you lose your website and have to start again from scratch.

Then there's the second camp, the one that offers choice and freedom. They give you lots of hosting packages to choose from - 1gb, 5gb or 20gb of space  - without you even knowing how much space you need! Different monthly prices for Business Premium, Gold or Personal - and lots of software and configuration options leaving even experienced users trying to figure out how to get things working.

So this generally separates customers between those that are tied-up and locked-in because they need something easy; and those who have plenty of time and the will to learn spending a long time building up a website that might then break on them if they do something wrong.

For us this means we need to fill in the gaps by offering simplicity, freedom, support and choice.

At Hosting Yorkshire we are now offering a completely FREE SiteBuilder as well as an £8 per month package (with no yearly contract) that lets you choose the software with our advice and support - we set up the servers, configure the CMS or website software (such as WordPress or a range of other choices of software for any application) - and we let you take the reins, learning about website design as you create or using something easier to get a fast clean result without needing any technical knowledge.

Hosting Yorkshire SiteBuilder offers complete freedom of choice with lots of help from us. And if you live in the York area we can even pop in for a chat to help get things set up.

For more information or to start building your new website today visit and we'll get you set up as soon as possible.

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