Friday, 2 November 2012

Go Mobile on Google

Google's latest campaign is all about encouraging Mobile friendly websites, demonstrating just how many users now search on mobiles and Smartphones. Research shows that soon using a Mobile or Smartphone will be the most popular way to search online, whether buying, selling or finding information. Using your mobile is now the most convenient way to search the internet, so why wouldn't it become the most popular platform to use?

Is your website ready for mobile users? If not you could be really missing out.

Thankfully Google have now made it really easy to check how your website looks and feels on a mobile or smartphone with the Google Mobile Checker.

Some thoughts to consider before viewing your current website on the Mobile Checker:
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Does the site allow you to use mobile navigation to help locate your premises?
  • Is the text readable and the images clear?
  • Does the layout fit the screen properly?
  • Is everything visible? (Flash websites in particular may not show all content on a mobile.) 
  • How easy is it to make contact with you?

Visit Google's Mobile Friendly Checker and test your website at:

If you're not happy with how your website displays contact Hosting Yorkshire - we offer native mobile websites and apps at competitive prices. Our Mobile websites are built alongside your current website solely to service mobile users, giving your customers and clients an attractive, friendly and practical mobile experience.

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