Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Branding your website the 'York' way

Every year York gets better at tourism. Better at presenting the history and stories we're lucky enough to have had well preserved within our city walls. I personally think the council and tourism bureau are working with smaller local businesses more and more to further promote our interests and help give everyone a reason to visit York.

York has finally found its own brand identity - it's surprising how long this has taken but I believe it's down to people wanting York's culture to further embrace the city's heritage. Gone are the tacky gift shops and cheap greasey-spoon caf├ęs... York now has much more class!

Too many towns and cities are built up of the same large highstreet chains, with a look to always expanding rather than restoring - it's great to expand and embrace the future, but what makes York really great is its past! What we do best is improving what we already have, the city walls make expansion difficult thus forcing most of our focus to the city centre.

Now everywhere a visitor glances in York there is an attraction, a historical building, city tour guide or interesting market fayre. We are culturally richer than ever. And with new museums opening (such as York Chocolate Museum opening this year) there's always a lot to promote.

So time to build this promotion further. Simulant hosting of York is adding new services to help York businesses be a part of the overall York image. For those businesses relying on tourism and visitor trade I suggest making sure your own business advertising includes more about York and how you are part of this city. Rather than just showing what you offer, put what you offer into a local context with a great image of where you fit into this important city.

Simulant York hosting provider has just launched a vast York Stock Photography website to help push your own York business branding. We will be updating this regularly, adding more every month. We are proudly allowing our current clients free use of our library of York images at no cost, with small charges for other users. This means high quality York imagery and photography to use on service and information websites, brochures, posters, and other promotional material.

See to see what is available so far. For more online marketing, photography and website design advice contact Hosting Yorkshire at

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